Hi everyone!

Welcome all to the Angel’s Gate Advisory (AGA) web portal! After many months of dragging and procrastinating, we are now finally proud to establish a website of information. It has been quite silly as everyone that we meet, we repeat ourselves again and again about what we do and what our purpose is. Finally, we can now say, “just go visit our website. Everything is just there!”

Anyhow, as the tagline goes, “Entrepreneurs building Entrepreneurs”. AGA isn’t your typical incubator. We are not experts in finance nor experienced VCs or angels. We are your typical entrepreneurs who gone through the worse and worst of times. Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint hearted. We failed many times, only to learn from the past mistakes and pick ourselves up again for the next fight, which leads to a higher chance of success.

We hope that AGA will be the start of a fresh new perspective. And it is a start of a social cause to build an ecosystem where successful entrepreneurs return to help new budding entrepreneurs avoids the traps and pitfalls that they faced in the past. In this way, we can see higher chances of successful entrepreneurs being honed.

On top of this information site, we will be interviewing and inviting various Singaporean and Singapore-based entrepreneurs to provide their perspectives, hoping that these nuggets of anecdotes will inspire and enrich the development of our entrepreneurial community.