All our mentors provide expert advice and industry insights and are assigned to our startups

Shen is a resident mentor with a life-long obsession with technology. Shen brings expertise in variety areas including business operations, quality assurance in products and services, software development and gaming consultation.

Christopher is regular guest writer at Tech in Asia, an active community member of the tech startup ecosystem. He has been a guest judge and examiner at various demo days and school presentations like NUS and NYP.

Yung Yih is best known for his start-up He is a passionate about sharing his experiences with start-ups and providing advice on how to grow their companies.

Arvind is an Executive Director of Khattar Holdings Group of Companies with diverse interests and investments in Singapore and other parts of the world. He brings his expertise in management of investment portfolios.

Joel is an entrepreneur with a successful track record in digital and data-driven marketing. He brings with him deep knowledge in the marketing services industry and community across all main markets.

Clarence has spent the last decade in the IT industry in the thick of the paradigm shift from PCs to the Cloud. He provides a firsthand perspective on what it takes to roll out new products/ business models into new markets.”

Darrell firmly believes in the true value of data - something that has often been overlooked in many aspects of the entrepreneurial world. Along with a long-time buddy, he started Intraix in 2012, a multi-platform energy management system with the aim of reducing energy consumption and better energy management through data.

Nicole Hu is the founder of The Good Natured Company, producer of the award-winning GLOW brand of health and beauty products which continue into the e-commerce space. She was also the founder of the First Flights Empowerment Fund, which was awarded a Patron of the Arts Award by the National Youth Council in 2013. Nicole has a Bachelor’s degree in economics from New York University and has travelled extensively for both work and leisure.

Victor is a Co-founder / CTO of Xfers, a payment gateway that focus on helping users to collect payments via bank transfers. He is passionate about software engineering best practices, and tinkering with various newly released frameworks.

Ting Yan has a perpetual fascination with exciting technology and how it can make life better for everyone. Despite being immersed in a high tech environment, he still firmly believes in personal interaction and forming deep relationships that go beyond business.

Seah Kah Wee Previously in the FMCG space, Kah Wee was fascinated with the start-up scene in Silicon Valley which leads him to channel his energy to TRi5 Ventures, following the founders’ vision of building the start-up ecosystem in Singapore and the rest of Asia.

We have many others in the fields of legal, venture capital, IP, distribution, education, engineering, technology as well as top management / owners of Singapore listed firms whom we tap into. If you are keen to join us as a mentor, please contact us