Technology start-up’s online game Kung Fu Math, which follows the MOE syllabus, will provide 30,000 free user accounts

Singapore, 01/09/2013 – Primary School students finding it difficult to master and apply their arithmetic skills and/or lack motivation in the learning of mathematics will get to have a go at Math in a fun way, through gaming and learning.

Kung Fu Math, is embedded with exciting games, to enthuse students to deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts and sharpen their mathematics problem solving skills. It was developed by Mr Derrick Koh and curriculum designed by his former Primary School teacher, Ms Foo P.C. , an experienced educator who has held various leadership positions in the Ministry of Education and International Education Institution.

Mr Koh was an underachiever who kept failing in his mathematics when he was a student. Having benefited from Ms Foo’s guidance, his grades improved tremendously. Inspired by Ms Foo’s mentorship, he was determined to develop something to help students with the learning of Mathematics. This blossomed into a business partnership leading to the creation of Kung Fu Math.

Kung Fu Math is a mathematics e-gaming portal where children select and own one of the five avatars (characters) created. These avatars will grow in stages as children attempt to solve mathematical questions in the portal. Children will also earn virtual coins which they can use to purchase accessories to equip their avatars and unlock games where they can engage with their peers from within and beyond their schools.

Said Mr Derrick Koh, Founder and CEO of Kungfu Interactive: “The portal allows children to work on their mathematical skills, but also build good habits such as taking ownership of their own learning progress and build financial literacy through the management of virtual money. It also allows students to work on arithmetic problems at their own pace in the comfort of their own homes. To further encourage students, avatars which meet teachers’ expectations in the Math practices will be awarded virtual trophies by their school teachers.”

Kung Fu Math follows a structured format and ensures the mastery of mathematical skills in line with the latest MOE Mathematics syllabus. It also allows students to stretch the application of Mathematical and problem solving skills via its myriad question types.

A six-month trial of the gaming portal has been conducted with a Student Care Operator. Kung Fu Math will be launched in conjunction with the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) marking days with some 10 MOE Schools on board.

Teachers of participating schools are given Kung Fu Math accounts, enabling them to create online assignments of different difficulty levels to meet the diverse needs of their students. Through the portal, these teachers are also able to monitor the progress of their students as well as the frequency students log on to practise. The Kung Fu Math curriculum team, which comprises former teachers and school leaders, will also set weekly challenges for students to work on.

The game is available for free signup at and is limited to 30,000 user accounts for its launch.

Kung Fu Math is supported under the Interactive Digital Programme Office’s i.JAM scheme which is administered by the Media Development Authority of Singapore.


About Kungfu Interactive Pte Ltd

Kungfu Interactive Pte Ltd is a technological startup founded by Mr Derrick Koh and his teacher Ms Foo P.C. specialising in the development of educational gaming technology and content. Kungfu Interactive Pte Ltd has received funding from private investors and is supported under the Interactive Digital Programme Office’s iJAM scheme which is administered by the Media Development Authority of Singapore.


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